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Circulation Limits

Limits to equipment loan exist to best ensure maximum availability for the Loyola Community with the goal that checkout occurs for individual, specific instances of use.

4.1 Loan Limits

Equipment available for both walk-in requests and advance reservations. Advance reservations are strongly recommended as this ensures clients can assess their own schedules to select a reasonable return time, and best ensure equipment is present at the time of a pick-up request. Unless otherwise noted per resource, equipment checkouts cannot exceed a maximum of 7-days of loan.

Minimum Length of
30 Minutes
Maximum Length of
7 Days

4.1.3 Maximum Concurrent Checkouts/Reservations

Clients are limited to no more than 4 concurrent checkouts and future reservations at one given time. These limits are in place in support of our Acceptable Use policies. This limit aids in avoiding monopolization of resources via back-to-back reservations spanning a full semester, avoiding high quantity of resources on loan to one individual with greater risk for mix up of components and accessories or higher late fine values for overdue equipment.

4.2 Semester Usage Limits

Some categories of equipment may have limitations on the total number of items and/or total hours of semester usage that are available for use per client. This is calculated across both Digital Media Services campus loan locations. This includes the following limits:

Equipment CategoryMaximum Cumulative
Future Reservations1
Maximum Usage Hours
per Semester
Laptops 15 days
(360 hours)
42 days (1,008 hours):
the equivalent of
6 seven-day loans
1 Once a reservation has been picked up these counts are then reduced. These limits reduce risk of monopolization of back-to-back reservations across the duration of a semester.

4.3 Equipment Category Limits

This list serves as a guide for general equipment category limits per client across both Digital Media Services campus loan locations.

Equipment CategoryMaximum Limit per Client
Audio Recorders (Sony) 2
Audio Recorders (Zoom) 1
Bluetooth Speakers 2
Calculators 1
Camcorders 1
Digital Cameras 1
Laptops 1
Lighting Kits 2
Hard Drives (SD Memory Cards) 2
Microphones (Lavaliers) 2
Network Mini-Hubs 1
Projectors 1


4.4 Equipment Authorizations

Some equipment requires completion of online training to gain access to reserve and checkout equipment. These resources are of high value with advanced features and considerations to best ensure awareness of value and proper use and care during loan. Note that upon completion of authorization training, it may take up to 48-hours (Monday through Friday only) to review and grant access to reserve equipment.

Training authorization is valid for the duration of the time the equipment is actively available in the loan program, or if substantial changes are made to the training content that merit re-certification. As equipment is refreshed and updated with newer models, new authorization training will be created and must be completed for that specific make and model of equipment. Training authorization is non-transferable. For more information, visit the Equipment Authorizations page.

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