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Mobile Device FAQs

Which smartphones are supported at Loyola?

ITS supports the full spectrum of mobile devices. If you're making a new purchase, consider personal preferences, affordability, signal strength in the areas you'll use it most, and your specific needs, such as international availability. Discounts are available for many models; see Loyola discounts for personal devices (faculty/staff).

Can I connect to my Loyola e-mail account through my mobile phone or tablet?

Absolutely. Step-by-step instructions for a number of devices is available on the Reconnecting Your Mobile Devices page. These instructions can be used to establish a new connection, as well.

What can I do if have problems connecting to my e-mail account or if my e-mail, calendar, or contacts stop syncing?

If you have any problems connecting, please contact the ITS Service Desk at helpdesk@luc.edu or 773.508.4487.

How do I connect my mobile device to Loyola wireless network?

On-campus access to Loyola's wireless network is available for students, faculty, and staff, as well as invited guests. You must register your device through Bradford before wireless access will be granted. Click HERE (NetReg link pending) and select your campus to complete registration.

What should I know about international travel with mobile devices?

When you need a mobile device for international travel, please make sure to select a mobile device and service provider that will work in the countries in which you will be traveling. AT&T uses the GSM network which works well in most European countries. Sprint and Verizon use the CDMA network and have specific devices for World use. Voice and data charges can be very costly overseas. Please do your research and select the appropriate plans when traveling, as they frequently change.  iPhones and Android devices transmit a lot of data and you can incur very heavy data usage charges. Please make sure you add international data plans to your device before traveling overseas and turn off the Cellular and use wireless access points whenever possible.

What should I know about selecting a data plan for my device?

Selecting data plans can be confusing. Data plans can differ for each provider and providers frequently change data plans they offer. Providers can change from unlimited data plans to tiered in the amount of data and pricing.

International data is very costly. Please consider using wireless access instead of costly data plans when traveling internationally. If it must be used, please make sure to add an international data plan to your device before traveling.

Here is a handy data calculator you can use to estimate how much data you will consume: Data Calculator.

How do I secure my mobile device?

You can download a free app on your iPhone and iPad called Find My iPhone. In the event you lose or misplace your device, you can login to a website and send a sound to your phone, see the location of the device on a map and even send a signal either locking or wiping your device. For information about storing data on your mobile device please see the Electronic Security of Loyola Protected & Sensitive Data Policy.

Last Modified:   Thu, October 13, 2022 11:55 AM CDT