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11.1 Understanding Fines

Fines are necessary in order to best ensure the proper care and timely return of resources from the loan program; equipment that is returned late can impact our ability to fulfill requests for other clients who have reserved equipment or walk-in requests with equipment needs. When equipment is late, this can result in missed reservation pickups, striving to offer alternative solutions or options, all at the expense of the client who planned ahead.

11.1.1 How Fine Values are Determined

Ideally no late returns would occur, ensuring one-hundred percent availability of equipment. However as this is not the case and late return of equipment does occur, fines values are established to best motivate timely returns. Fine values are set based on the initial cost of purchase from a University-preferred vendor – daily fine values are identified to not exceed 75% of this initial cost if equipment is over 5-days past due, however they will continue to accrue thereafter. Equipment that remains unreturned after 5-days of the original contracted due date and times will be considered Excessively Overdue. 

11.1.2 Late Fines

Equipment returned after their contracted due date and time will result in a late fine for the total number of minutes the equipment is past due. (For example, a Zoom H6 Audio Recorder with a $24/Day late fine that is returned 30-minutes after the contracted due date and time will result in a $0.50 late fine). All late fines are reviewed and finalized by Digital Media Services staff. A Fine Invoice email notification will be sent to the client's Loyola email address of identifying finalized fine value, payment and appeal options.

11.1.3 Fines for Unsatisfactory Condition and Damages

Equipment that is returned in unsatisfactory condition may be subject to all costs associated to cleaning supplies and labor used to return equipment kits back to fully functioning, satisfactory condition. Equipment returned with damages may result in repair of resources in order to resolve any issues impacting the proper operation and use of the equipment.

Repairs must be done by manufacturer-approved or authorized repair centers and include all charges for shipping, parts and labor. Accessories or components that are damaged must be replaced by University-approved vendors or specific manufacturer parts stores only. Replacement parts purchased by clients cannot be substituted in any capacity, regardless if non-standard but compatible or manufacturer-related parts as it must be authorized and purchased via the University directly.

Access to the loan program may be temporarily blocked during the period when repair or replacement costs are being quoted and identified prior to the finalization of an associated fine invoice. Repeat occurrences of returns made with Damages or Unsatisfactory Conditions may be subject to further access restrictions including Blocks and Bans.

11.2 Late Fine Values by Equipment Category

Visit the Daily Fine Rates page for specific Categories, Equipment Models and associated hourly or daily fine values as equipment refreshed and updated across the academic year. Daily late fine values are identified per barcoded item in the Equipment Loan Contract at the time of checkout. It is the responsibility of the client to review all fine amounts and information provided on their contract.

11.3 Fine Payments

Fines must be paid within 15 days of notice. Digital Media Services cannot accept cash, debit or credit card payment requests whatsoever. By submitting a payment, clients accept full responsibility for the associated fine and subsequent appeal requests will be ineligible. All fine payments are final and non-refundable. Payment may be submitted via the following methods:

11.3.1 In-Person using Rambler Bucks (Payment Method 1)

Clients may visit an Equipment Loan Location in order to submit payment via Rambler Bucks funds on their Loyola ID Card. To add Rambler Bucks, visit the Campus Card site at http://luc.edu/campuscard

11.3.2 Online with a Credit Card (Payment Method 2)

Using Loyola University Chicago’s E-Pay/TouchNet system, a client can submit payment using a credit card online. Visit http://luc.edu/dmspayments for further information on how to submit a fine payment through this method. Payments must be submitted with the exact amount as indicated in the Fine Invoice notification. Invoices within the circulation system cannot be marked as paid until the exact balance is paid in full.

11.3.3 Payment on-behalf-of Another Client

Other individuals are welcome to submit payment on-behalf-of clients with fines, however this can only be done in-person with the client present in consideration of FERPA and data security policies. For more information, see the Communication on-behalf-of Another Client section. Fines cannot be reassigned or transferred to another individual or client account. The individual contracted for the equipment is responsible for all associate fines per the terms and agreement identified in the Equipment Loan Contract. 

11.3.4 Bursar Transfer of Fines

After 15 days, any account balances of $25.00 or greater will be transferred to the Bursar’s Office to post to the students eBill account which may impact class registration. Account balances less than $25.00 will remain on the client’s account in the equipment circulation system preventing any further reservation or loan of equipment until the balance has been paid in full.

As faculty or staff do not have eBill accounts with the Bursar, any unpaid fine balance will remain on the associated client’s account, blocking access, until paid in full via the accepted methods of payment. Fines may not be paid using a University account code or internal transfer. 

11.3.5 End-of-Semester Bursar Transfer of Fines

Due to billing restrictions at the end of an academic semester, 15 day payment/appeal windows will be restricted to the final day for each Fall or Spring Semesters. Additional directed notifications will be made as available to best ensure these restrictions are clearly identified and steps for payment or appeal can be made prior to transfers at the end-of-academic semesters.

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