Loyola University Chicago


QSR NVivo supports qualitative data analysis (QDA) and mixed methods research. 

QSR NVivoLUC Status
Version 12 Plus for Windows, 12 for Mac
Version Update new NVivo in May 2021
OS Windows, Mac
License Type Campus-wide for teaching, learning, and research
Lab Locations All LSC and WTC open access labs
Student Availabilty Available to students in all open access labs on Windows and Mac computers
Faculty/Staff Desktop Availability All LUC-owned faculty/staff Windows and Mac computers at LSC, WTC, and HSC by request to ITSServiceDesk@luc.edu (8-4487).

Options for off-campus use

Home Use via the LUC License Available to students and faculty to install on one personal device on Windows or Mac operating systems. Email ITSServiceDesk@luc.edu and provide a current home or cell phone number and the operating system of your computer. License key expires every year on June 30th. Contact ITSServiceDesk@luc.edu for a license renewal.
Remote Access -Apporto Available via Apporto General Lab Desktop.
Remote Access - VPN Available to faculty who are remotely connecting to their LUC desktop.


Self-service support is available through the Help and Tutorials buttons in the bottom left hand corner of the NVivo 12 File page (the page that opens initially when you click on the QSR NVivo icon). Clicking on Help opens the online documentation. Clicking on Tutorials opens the Let's Get Started with NVivo tutorial.

Support for NVivo