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Equipment Authorizations

Digital Media Services (DMS) is able to provide access to a wide variety of equipment, including advanced and professional-grade resources. To gain access to these specific kits of equipment, DMS requires users complete a form that details what is expected of each user who loans our equipment, including the costs if misused, damaged, lost/stolen, or unreturned, and the overall acknowledgement and accountability of the resources while on loan. Form completion, review, and granting authorization access cannot be automated, so it may take up to two business days for reservation access. As always, we advise our clients to plan in advance and reserve the equipment to best ensure availability.

Equipment Authorization Forms

Below are links to each form needed to be signed for authorization to our advanced and professional-grade resources. (These Microsoft Forms require login with your UVID and Password, which will allow us to collect your username/email).

For more information on the equipment listed above, please peruse our Browse Our Equipment page for loan length, specs, and what comes in each kit. 

Authorization Access

Submitted DMS Authorization forms are reviewed by full-time Digital Media Services staff only. Note that DMS advisors do not have access to the forms, nor are they able to approve authorization for any individual. Authorization Access will be granted within two business days upon verification (Monday through Friday, excluding University Holidays). Once the form has been submitted and access has been granted, you will be able to see the equipment or resources visible in the Equipment Reservation System to reserve and check them out.


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