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During Your Loan

The Equipment Loan Program is offered to clients as a self-service resource. Digital Media Services cannot provide on-site set up or visit locations for support during a loan. It is best recommended that clients take into consideration any guidance needs at the time of checkout, or coordinating with a Digital Media staff member for a consultation meeting to review proper use of equipment.

8.1 Advising Support

Digital Media Services staff and student workers are available to provide advising and consultation support in a one-on-one, walk-up environment. Although it is recommended to occur prior to selecting equipment and a checkout, these services remain available during the course of a loan as well.

On-site setup and support is not available, but during loan, if questions arise regarding use, configuration or proper steps to capture media or use equipment, clients are advised to return to the original loan location for support or alternately call for limited telephone support.

8.1.1 Limited Telephone Support

Digital Media Services student workers staff locations throughout the course of our open hours. With the wide range of equipment available and numerous combinations or configurations for use, it may be difficult to identify specific issues or troubleshoot over-the-phone. Clients may call for initial review of concerns or issues, however in many instances, unless the question is a common setup question, you may be advised to return to the loan location for a further assessment to problem-solve and work toward resolution.

8.1.2 Returning to Loan Location for Support

Again, for the purposes of support, we advise clients return to our loan locations with all associated equipment for a full assessment and review. This will afford the opportunity, in the event equipment might be malfunctioning, to potentially return the equipment for a full-time staff member to review later, and immediately check out new equipment, provided the full equipment kit is accounted for, no items are late or otherwise blocking client access, and additional equipment is available for substitution.

8.2 Filming and Content Creation Requests

8.2.1 Internal Services

Other departments or on-campus groups may be able to assist with individual requests associated to filming, producing and editing video or other media content. For more information visit:

8.2.2 External Services

Additional equipment resources or event-supported technologies may be available through external vendors. This directory of outside vendors can encompass a wide array of services and rates:

8.3 Acceptable Communications During Your Loan

8.3.1 Reporting Equipment Condition Issues Within 12-Hours

Clients are responsible to review the equipment condition at the time of checkout as indicated in the Equipment Loan Contract. In the event equipment cannot be powered on and reviewed in full, or if an issue was not identified at the time of checkout, reply to the first "Pickup Confirmed" email within the first 12-hours of the loan detailing the issues identified to accurately document. Issues or damages identified after this window, up to the time of the equipment return, will be associated with and the responsibility of the current and actively contracted individual. Reporting Potential Late Returns

Although advance notification via phone or email can be sent by clients, there is no ability to make modifications to return times after a loan contract has been completed and agreed to. Despite good intentions to notify in advance, late returns can still impact walk-in requests or upcoming reservations regardless. Reporting Lost or Damaged Equipment During Your Loan

Clients are responsible for communicating at the time of return any lost or damaged components, accessories or equipment to the Digital Media Services staff at the time of return. Clients that determine equipment is lost or misplaced during the course of a loan are advised to review locations where it was last retained or used, or if used during a group project, that all other group members are contacted to verify the equipment was not erroneously misplaced in another individual's bag or equipment case. If still unable to locate missing equipment after retracing these steps, clients must email Digital Media Services a full summary identify the lost equipment before the scheduled due date and return time elapses

Equipment will then follow associated policies as identified in in the Unreturned, Lost or Stolen Equipment section.

8.3.3 Reporting Stolen Equipment During Your Loan

While every step should be taken to safeguard equipment borrowed from the University, clients should never prioritize equipment value over their own personal safety. Do NOT fight a robber or attacker for University property. Equipment can be replaced; an individual cannot.

Clients are responsible for the following sequence of communications in the event equipment is identified as lost or stolen:

  1. If the incident of loss or theft of equipment occurs on-campus, a report to Campus Safety should be made immediately. Clients must request the Report or Case Number.
  2. Additionally, a full report to the Chicago Police Department should a made. Clients must request the Report or Case Number.
  3. An email notification should be made directly to digitalmediaservices@luc.edu to provide full detail of what components, accessories or full kit items have been lost or stolen in order to accurately assess necessary steps to review related future reservations that may be impacted for upcoming clients. Chicago Police Department and Campus Safety report/case numbers should also be provided.

Although our student worker staff are actively available during the course of our open hours, they do not have authorization to take any action in the equipment circulation system required by a full-time staff in events of loss or theft. Even though contact may be made in-person or via telephone to full-time staff, it is a requirement that the contracted client email Digital Media Services a full summary of the incident of theft. This report will serve as a record of the events that may be used in consideration with proceeding actions related to replacement of equipment.

Equipment will then follow associated policies as identified in in the Unreturned, Lost or Stolen Equipment section.

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