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Loan Program Policies

The Spirit of the Equipment Loan Program

The Equipment Loan Program is established and maintained to best ensure equitable opportunity, access and utilization of equipment by Loyola students primarily for individual, academic pursuits. The loan program affords students, who are currently active in coursework, the ability to take advantage of the wide array of resources that might not otherwise be available to them individually. These resources are intended to allow discovery of emerging and established equipment and tools, develop and create exciting content, deliver multimedia projects or merely fulfill needs to maintain and seamlessly continue with tasks using available technology. Access is available to active faculty and staff individually with similar intents focused on cultivating rich, multi-media for the benefit of the Loyola Community.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Accessing The Program

3. Acceptable Use

4. Circulation Limits

5. Loan Communications

6. Reservations

7. Check-Out & Contract

8. During Your Loan

9. Check-Ins & Returns

10. Overdue & Unreturned Equipment

11. Fines & Payments

12. Fine Appeals

13. Copyright

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