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Accessing the Program

2.1 Requirements for Access

2.1.1 Student Technology Fee

The Equipment Loan Program is a service covered by a portion of the Student Technology Fee paid upon enrollment in courses at Loyola University Chicago. There are no additional charges or per-checkout costs associated to access or use the loan program. Fines may, however, be assessed when equipment is returned past the scheduled due date and time, received in unsatisfactory condition, or otherwise unreturned.

2.1.2 Campus Card-issued Loyola ID Card or a Government-issued ID

In order to checkout and return equipment, a client should present a valid Loyola University Chicago ID Card (“Rambler Card” or “Loyola ID Card”) as provided by the Campus Card Office at the lakeside campuses. It may take up to 24-hours for access to be available after the creation of a new or replacement Loyola ID Card occurs.

For Health Science Campus faculty and staff, we do permit presenting your government-issued identification (such as a Drivers's License, State ID, Passport, etc) to confirm your identity for loans. We encourage HSC members when visiting lakeside campuses to visit the Campus Card Office to receive a Loyola ID for greater ease for scanning and locating your allocations at the time of pickup and return.

2.1.3 University Members with Access

Access to the Equipment Loan Program is available to the following members of the University: Students

Students that are active in coursework, enrolled and attending classes for the current academic term, quarter, or semester as identified within the course dates detailed in LOCUS, and paying a Technology Fee. For students that do not pay a Student Technology Fee during a given term, access to the loan program will not be available. During interim or break periods when sessions end, access will not be available again until the student’s next term on the scheduled date the course begins. Faculty & Employees

Current employees paid through the Lawson system, such as faculty and staff, may access the loan program while actively employed at Loyola University Chicago. Health Sciences Division Employees

Health Science Division employees paid through the Lawson system do have access to the loan program, we encourage visiting the lakeside Campus Card Offices to receive a Loyola ID Card for ease of access when coordinating pickups or returns. ROTC Faculty & Staff Members

Access is also permitted for ROTC Faculty & Staff within the University, who although are not paid through the Lawson system, have Campus Card issued Loyola IDs and associated ROTC building access.

2.1.4 Change of Name or Account

In the event a Name, University Network ID (UVID), or Loyola ID Card barcode change occurs, this may not be immediately reflected in our circulation system and result in the inability to create reservations or circulate equipment. Please email digitalmediaservices@luc.edu so a full-time staff member may review further.

2.1.5 Groups Restricted from Access

As the loan program focuses primarily on individual student academic use, access is not available to Alumni, Friends of the Library, Reciprocal Borrowers/Visiting Scholars, Library Community Access Members, Emeritus/Retirees, Contractors, Sponsored Guests, or faculty/staff members that are not paid through the University Lawson system.

2.2 Limits to Access

2.2.1 Outstanding Fines

For all instances of late returns of equipment, access to the loan program, including creating or picking up future reservations, will be unavailable until the associated fine has been paid or transferred to the Bursar’s Office. Any client in the process of an appeal request will be unable to checkout equipment until the appeal process outcome has been finalized and any outstanding fine balances are paid.

2.2.2 Blocks and Bans Blocks/Holds due to Late Fines

A block due to Outstanding Fines may be denoted in our circulation system as a “Hold” if the fine remains unpaid after 15 days, surpassing the allotted timeframe for submitting a valid Fine Appeal Request. Holds are ineligible for appeal and fine balances must be paid in full before access to the loan program can resume. Blocks or Holds from Other Departments

Blocks or Holds from other departments that utilizes the same equipment circulation system (WebCheckout) may be honored, resulting in blocked access from Digital Media Services loan locations until the Block/Hold is fully resolved and removed by the originating department where the block was created.

Any clients with fines from Information Technology Services (ITS) groups, such as Digital Media Services (DMS) or Instructional Technology & Research Support (ITRS), may impact access to the loan program until fines have been paid in full and/or any existing blocks or holds have expired.

Similar to course registration blocks, the Office of the Bursar may also request that access to the loan program is restricted for clients with outstanding balances due to the University. Blocks due to Unreturned Equipment or Unsatisfactory Condition

A block may be placed on a client’s account if equipment is excessively overdue, equipment is returned in unsatisfactory or damaged condition, accessories are lost, or repeat issues occur. Duration of blocks are determined based on several factors including loan history, frequency of late returns, and value of equipment/accessories.

2.2.3 Permanent Ban

A Permanent Ban may be placed on a client’s account in the following scenarios:

  • Equipment that remains unreturned after the final “Excessively Overdue Equipment” notification deadline is surpassed without return;
  • Theft of University property such as equipment available within or supporting the equipment loan program or Digital Media Services multimedia labs; and/or
  • Improper access or misuse of equipment occurs in conjunction with violations of ITS, HR or University Community Guidelines. For example, fraudulent use of another member’s Loyola ID to gain access to resources; forgery of signatures during contracting process.

Violations of Acceptable Use of Equipment may be eligible for either a Semester Block or a Permanent Ban based on the specific scope and misuse of equipment to be assessed on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Digital Media Services Manager.

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