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Digital Media Services maintains the WebCheckout system at Loyola University Chicago. Created by OnShore Development, WebCheckout is a recognized and widely tool used across numerous higher education institutions for equipment loan, asset management, and room scheduling. This tool affords ease of scheduling equipment resources, managing assets and inventory, as well as some degree of work repair, room reservation and invoicing with custom messaging and notifications. Active clients in the system are driven by the Technology Fee, so clients of the system would be limited to only active faculty, staff, as well as student active in coursework. WebCheckout organizations/checkout center administration is limited to only faculty or staff employees, and not available for students or student groups.

To learn more about what features and solutions WebCheckout might be able to offer to your work unit or department, please email digitalmediaservices@luc.edu from your Loyola e-mail address with the subject "WebCheckout inquiry" so we may schedule a discussion.

Other Departments using WebCheckout

WebCheckout is currently utilized by several Loyola groups and departments to meet their needs of client self-service reservations, inventory management, asset tracking, self-service room scheduling, and more. This is a current list of WebCheckout organizations:

  • School of Communications - OWL Lab
  • Arrupe College
  • Conference Services - Hoteling Office Spaces
  • Damen Student Center
  • Student Activities & Greek Affairs (SAGA)
  • Desktop Services, ITS
  • Classroom Technology Support, ITS
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