Loyola University Chicago


HLM is an hierarchical linear modeling application that was developed by SSICentral. SSICentral is now SSILive. The latest version is HLM 8.

Version 6.08
Version update TBD
License Type 25 single seats
Lab Locations WTC LT 410
Student Availability Available in WTC LT 410 lab only; permission for an association to an LUC desktop must be requested by faculty adviser by contacting ITSServiceDesk@luc.edu (8-4487) and providing name of student and rationale for use.
Faculty/Staff Desktop Availability Available by request on LUC-owned desktop comptuers for LSC, WTC, and HSC faculty. Contact ITSServiceDeck@luc.edu (8-4487) to request an installtion.

Options for using HLM off-campus (HLM 8)

Home Use via the LUC License Not available
Remote Access - Apporto Not available
Remote Access - VPN Available to faculty who have the software installed on their LUC desktop.
Free Student Version Not available
Free Trial 14 days
Student Subscription Same as Academic Subscription below
Academic Subscription 3 month ($65) and 12 month ($225) subscriptions for Basic; 12 month subscription only ($340) for Standard

Support Resources

Please refer to the UCLA IDRE web seminar on HLM 6.0.8 Note that HLM 6.0.8 will not read SPSS Statistics files created in versions that are later than SPSS Statistics 19. Please save your SPSS data file in ASCII format to read into HLM 6.0.8.