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The Spirit of the Equipment Loan Program

The Equipment Loan Program is established and maintained to best ensure equitable opportunity, access and utilization of equipment by Loyola students primarily for individual, academic pursuits. The loan program affords students, who are currently active in coursework, the ability to take advantage of the wide array of resources that might not otherwise be available to them individually. These resources are intended to allow discovery of emerging and established equipment and tools, develop and create exciting content, deliver multimedia projects or merely fulfill needs to maintain and seamlessly continue with tasks using available technology. Access is available to active faculty and staff individually with similar intents focused on cultivating rich, multi-media for the benefit of the Loyola Community.

1.1 Establishing Policies, Terms and Conditions

The policies, procedures, terms and conditions described herein exist to best serve the Loyola community with the resources provided from the Equipment Loan Program. This encompasses policies and steps to best ensure equitable access and utilization that serves the intentions of the spirit of the program itself. Based on the scope and resources available, use of equipment requires for each loan, or "checkout allocation", that clients must review and authorize via signature an Equipment Loan Contract indicating awareness and agreement to the full Equipment Loan Program Policies and associated responsibilities.

1.2 Related ITS and University Policies

As part of the Division of Information Technology Services, members of both DMS staff and clients are bound to not only the policies outlined here, but also to those associated identified by ITS and the University. Some key ITS Policies & Guidelines include the following:

Students using the loan program are also bound to the Community Standards (Loyola’s Student Code of Conduct), faculty and staff are similarly bound to Human Resources Policies (such as the Conflict Of Interest Policy and Guidelines For Recording Students During Online Classes). For a full list of policies, visit the University Policies website.

1.3 Policy Modifications and Amendments

Digital Media Services (DMS) updates and refreshes equipment within the loan program regularly based on numerous factors. Refresh of equipment kit types are generally defined in two-year cycles, but is subject to demand for utilization, overall durability and lifespan of the equipment, and manufacturer updates to product lines. As technology-driven needs can change rapidly in the world, we strive to meet these ongoing demands for our students. These loan program policies are evaluated on a semester-to-semester basis to best ensure, with additions, changes in demand or shifts as new equipment is integrated into the program, that overall usage remains equitable at an individual level while providing transparency regarding changes and updates. We reserve the rights to amend and modify these policies in order to maintain the goals and intentions associated to the spirit of the loan program.

  • Addition to During Your Loan, 8.3.1 Reporting Equipment Condition Issues Within 12-Hours (12/18/19)
    New section that reiterates loan communications immediately after a checkout is created/picked up, indicating the first 12-hours of a loan to report any damages or condition if not identified at the time of checkout will be documented accordingly. Any damages or issues reported after this window or at the time of return will be assumed the responsibility of the contracted individual.
  • Addition to During Your Loan, 8.2.1 Internal Services (12/18/19)
    Added a link to the Digital Media Services - Media Production Studio request form and services as an option for internal requests for content creation, limited to faculty and staff and dependent on the scope of the service requested.
  • Expanding Satsifactory Condition details and repercussions (12/18/19)
    Updates to Check-Ins & Return subsection 9.2 Return Review Process, Fines & Payments subsection 11.1.3 Fines for Unsatisfactory Condition and Damages, and Accessing The Program subsection Blocks due to Unreturned Equipment or Unsatsifactory Condition. These updates identify more granularity in the review process, some additional considerations we assess related to satisfactory condition including cleanliness (odor-free, moisture/residue-free, etc), and subsequent reprecussions including fines and/or limiting access to the loan program.

For changes and modifications prior to the current academic term, view the 1.3.1 Policy Modifications and Amendments Changelog page.

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