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Acceptable Use

3.1 Examples of Acceptable Use

There are numerous ways resources from the Equipment Loan Program can help expand opportunities and enrich experiences in creating and delivering multimedia content:

  • Reservation and checkout of a graphing calculator for use prior to a single class where a Math or Stats exam is occurring.
  • Reservation and checkout of a presentation remote, data projector, and projector screen to give a presentation in a space that might not otherwise have technology immediately present in a conference or meeting room space.
  • Reservation and checkout of a webcam and USB conference microphone as a "try-before-you-buy" experience as related to attending or instructing with an online course. Such experience can allow a more informed decision on individual or departmental purchases.
  • Reservation and checkout of a camcorder, tripod, and lavalier kit to capture high-quality interviews and other scenes for a video project for a class, academic presentation, or training.

These are just a few typical examples of use. There are numerous combinations of equipment used in checkouts to help best accomplish goals. We always recommend consulting a Digital Media Services advisor to help brainstorm how to bring your ideas to reality by considering the variety of options the loan program can help reach your project goals.

3.2 Limitations of Use

There are cases where usage might not fall in line with the spirit of the loan program with the intention primarily for individual, student academic use. For instances where usage falls outside of this scope, this may impact access to the loan program where blocks or bans might be placed on an individual account.

3.2.1 Supplementing Long-Term, Individual or Department Purchases

Although the loan program can certainly be utilized ‘in a pinch’ when a personal or departmental piece of equipment breaks prior to a presentation or use, it is not intended to substitute long-term replacements. For example, a personal laptop is in repairs for a week – a laptop may be reserved and checked out for a standard loan period to best ensure more seamless academic work may continue. However, this cannot be used to supplement the purchase of individual or departmental resources by way of back-to-back reservations and checkouts across an entire academic semester. This will become evident with regular utilization and checkout and reach maximum individual circulation limits for such a period in order to deter such monopolization of limited resources.

3.2.2 Group or Event-Based Limits and Risks

In order to best ensure equipment is used by individuals, some equipment may have restrictions to the quantity that may be circulated at one time. As equipment can only be loaned to individuals, large checkouts or quantities of equipment creates greater risks for missing components, damages or late returns resulting in significantly higher fine values as a result.

Requests from departments or groups for multiple laptops or tablets cannot be fulfilled for this purpose. We advise working with Campus Reservations to instead consider use of an on-campus multimedia lab which includes many benefits including no setup and immediate access; less risk of troubleshooting issues; dedicated network connections and no risk of wireless (Wi-Fi) access issues; no pickup or return and subsequent risks of fines for late returns or damages. For a full list of our supported multimedia labs, visit our Lab Locations page.

For more information regarding technology and events, visit the ITS Planning Technology for Your Event pages.

3.2.3 Use For-Profit or in-support-of Offered Services

Use of equipment from the loan program is expressly prohibited for supplement of resources used for external business purposes or for business use wherein payment is received or discounted for internal offered services. Individuals or departments must take necessary steps to acquire their own equipment for such uses, as this conflicts with the spirit of the loan program and further ethical considerations based on use of student technology fees resulting in individual or group profits. Violations of such use may result in a permanent ban from the equipment loan program. For more information, refer to the Human Resources Conflict of Interest policy.

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