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9.1 Loyola ID Card Required For Return

A Loyola ID Card is required for the check-in of equipment at a service locations. In the event a Loyola ID Card is not available, a second form of identification may be requests as a supplement to document the returning individuals.

9.2 Return Review Process

All items must be returned to the specific location identified in the Equipment Loan Contract during published business hours in “Satisfactory Condition”. Satisfactory Condition is defined as equipment as safely powered off, cables coiled properly, all equipment securely packed in their original, labeled cases. Equipment should be dry and odor-free without any scents, moisture or residue on or in equipment and within cases. Dirt, sand or dust must be safely cleaned off and removed from equipment, bags or cases. Any adhesives (such as gaffer tape), must be fully removed and residue-free prior to return. All barcoded or indicated accessories or parts, such as cables, power adapters, batteries, must be present at the time of return. All storage media will be formatted immediately upon return, and we encourage clients to format their media in advance of returning equipment.

Clients are responsible for ensuring all necessary components, accessories and equipment are securely stored in their original carrying cases and containers in the same satisfactory condition in which it was received and documented in the condition notes of the loan contract. Clients should and are strongly encouraged to remain at the service location until all items have been reviewed and checked-in. In the event a back-to-back loan occurs, but our student workers report potential unsatisfactory condition or damages, we may reserve the specific equipment after return to investigate further to resolution.

Staff receiving a checkout return will assess equipment functionality and scan in all associated barcodes to mark resources as 'returned’ within the loan system. There is a 72-hour review period after a return affording staff any further reviews to best ensure proper functionality. In some instances of return, there may be no ability to actively power equipment on due to uncharged batteries or where otherwise superficial scuffs from regular usage that serve as a further indicator of a drop or damage impacting equipment typical articulation or standard functional usage. Clients are advised to charge equipment before return in order to best expedite this review process.

This timeframe permits full-time staff to investigate equipment issues and determine if follow-up communications to the original client during the loan period is required, which may include determination of a fine invoice for costs associated to repair or replacement.

9.2.1 Partial Return of Checkout Allocations

Clients that checkout multiple equipment kits may complete partial returns, however all associated items per kit must be returned at the same time. For example, a client with a tripod, camera and memory card may choose to return the tripod a day prior to the camera and memory card. This is only accepted if the full tripod kit and associated accessories are returned at the same time. Partial kit returns will be denied at service locations as we cannot hold onto partial kits nor circulate these items until the full kit is received, reviewed and checked back in. Missing parts, accessories or equipment items that discovered unreturned will be held to the same standards as full equipment kits following the same sequence of late and excessively overdue equipment if the items in question are not returned.

9.2.2 Return On-Behalf-Of Clients

Returns made on-behalf-of clients contracted to the equipment is permissible, however it excludes the original client from all eligibility for fine appeal submissions associated to the specific checkout.

Returns on-behalf-of clients may be beneficial to better ensure equipment is returned before it may be considered overdue and begin accruing late fines, however this similarly transfers potential risks of damage, missing components or late returns. Fines are not eligible for transfer between clients or users – payment however may be submitted on the behalf of another individual.

9.2.3 Return Attempted After Location Closure

Loan Contracts are issued with our hours of operation factored into the due dates and times, including reduced hours and breaks. When a loan location is closed, equipment should not be left outside of a service location, with University Libraries, Information Technology Services, Campus Safety or other University staff or departments. If equipment is located unattended, the equipment will be checked in the following business day during open hours. All overdue fines accrued during such a period will be valid and the responsibility of the contracted client. Furthermore in such instances, the ability to submit a fine appeal request will be forfeited as the client was not present at the time of check-in.

9.2.4 Return Exceptions

Exceptions to the return process can only be made in writing or via email by a Digital Media Specialist or Digital Media Services Manager prior to equipment pickup and authorization of a loan contract. Student workers cannot provide exceptions or overrides whatsoever to any of these outlined policies.

9.3 Data Storage Formatting Policy

All data storage devices, such as hard drives and memory cards, as well as equipment with internal storage will be formatted immediately upon return.

It is the responsibility of the client to transfer footage and data from equipment to their own personal devices or online storage solutions prior to the return of equipment. Equipment with footage or data cannot be temporarily or permanently stored on equipment after return to loan locations.

Clients are encouraged to format internal media or data storage on their own prior to use with equipment as this will best configure the file structure and storage space for the associated equipment. External Hard Drives will be partitioned with both Mac and PC file structure formats. Clients are encouraged to consider what operating system where editing and final storage on personal devices will occur in order to take necessary steps during loan of External Hard Drives to save to the proper partitioned drive.

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