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The Clinical Research Database (CRDB)

The Clinical Research Database

The Clinical Research Database (CRDB) is a large-scalelongitudinal clinical data repository that is utilized to support clinical research.  The CRDB is composed of a limited data set (LDS) containing 15 years (2007 – 2021) of longitudinal data on more than two million patients.  The CRDB has a supporting web-based application that allows Loyola University Chicago faculty, students and staff to preform “preparatory-to-research" queries in a “self-serve” manner.  Unique feature of the CRDB are: 

  • Allows end-users to perform both population- and encounter-based queries. 
  • Provides linkage to de-identified concept unique identifiers (CUIs) and semantic type identifiers (TUIs) for 92M reports that are associated with the CRDB structured data elements.  Theses associated CUIs/TUIs were produced through large-scale natural language processing (NLP). 

Resource available to the following users:

The CRDB is available to all Loyola University Chicago faculty, students and staff with credentials active on the Loyola Portal.

The CRDB’s web-based application is accessed via the Loyola Portal which is only available while on Loyola’s campus networks or when using its external virtual private network (VPN). 

Requests for CRDB data require:

Requests for CRDB data, beyond aggregated-level data provided by preparatory-to-research" queries, require: 

  • An approved Institutional Review Board (IRB) clinical research application for observational/retrospective studies. 
  • A completed Clinical Data Request Form (once IRB is approved).  A clinical data request form can alternatively be submitted through the CRDB website.  

Current CRDB resources:

The CRDB application can be found in the Loyola Portal, and includes training resources.

CRDB contacts:

Questions or requests for information can be sent to the Informatics and Clinical Research team using this form.  

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