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Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) Update

Adobe Update: Due to licensing changes made by Adobe, Loyola users will need to sign in the Creative Cloud (CC) to use any Adobe applications (including Acrobat).  This change was instituted in the E-Classrooms and public access labs at the start of the Fall 2019 semester.

Starting on February 11th, all remaining computers managed by ITS (Information Technology Services) will be updated with the new Adobe CC Client .  When an Adobe application is launched, the Adobe CC Client will prompt the user to enter their email address.  After entering their email address, they will be redirected to Loyola’s Single Sign-on (SSO) page to enter their UVID and password.  Once signed in, Adobe applications will launch and function normally.  The Adobe CC Client will remember the last login, and should only be necessary once on most faculty and staff computers.

Loyola Imaged Windows Laptops:  Laptops that have been setup (imaged) with the standard Loyola software will update if they are connected to the internet.  They do not need to be on campus or connected to a wired network connection.  It is also possible to start the "Adobe Creative Cloud" update manually via the Software Center if the laptop does not update automatically.

Non-Imaged  Windows Workstations: Please contact the Service Desk if you have a Windows workstation that is not running the standard Loyola image.  A technician will need to evaluate the workstation and manually run the "Adobe Creative Cloud" update.

Apple Laptops and Desktops: Apple laptops and desktops that are enrolled in JAMF can run the update from the Software Center.  Please contact the Service Desk if you have an Apple laptop or desktop that is not enrolled in JAMF.


Loyola Users can sign-in with a Loyola University ID (UVID) and password or they can use their own Creative Cloud accounts (if one exists).

On Classroom/Lab computers all users will need to sign in once per session.

On Faculty/Staff computers Users will sign in once on your computer and your credentials will be held for future use on your machine.

Please click on Adobe Creative Cloud Sign-in Instructions for more information, including screenshots.  If you have further questions, please contact the ITS Service Desk.

Last Modified:   Fri, April 30, 2021 9:38 AM CDT