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Learning analytics at Loyola represents the dynamic process of discovering insights from course data collected from online interactions with content and activities. As a continuous capture of data within online learning experiences, learning analytics can empower faculty to make data-driven learning design decisions to improve student engagement and achieve learning objectives in future iterations. ITRS invites faculty to explore the Sakai Statistics tool and their Learning Analytics Reports (LAR) in consultation with our team.  

Sakai Statistics Tool

Faculty are invited to schedule an individual consultation with an ITRS Learning Design Engineer to review the Sakai data from a current or previously taught course using the Sakai Statistics tool. The Sakai Statistics consultation covers the basic functionality of the Statistics tool, including setting criteria, running queries, saving reports for ongoing use, and interpreting report results. After the consultation, you will be able to... 

  • use the Sakai Statistics tool to track and pull course data; 
  • better define field names and understand record values; and 
  • begin interpreting course data to improve the design and delivery of future courses 

Schedule a 30-minute Sakai Statistics session using the ITRS Consultations booking page. Select Instructional Technologies, choose Sakai, and enter a note in the booking form specifying that the appointment should cover Sakai Statistics.

Learning Analytics Report (LAR)

The Learning Analytics Report (LAR) presents course and student data from Sakai, Panopto, and Zoom. To access their LAR, which summarizes all courses previously taught using Sakai, faculty are invited to schedule a 30-minute consultation with an ITRS Learning Design Engineer. Given that the data presented in the LAR is already available to faculty in other forms, only the instructor of record for a course may access the LAR. Once the consultation is confirmed, faculty will receive an email from Microsoft Power BI with instructions and a link to access their LAR. Faculty should login and review the LAR before their scheduled consultation. 

During the consultation, an ITRS Learning Design Engineer will provide a technical overview of the Microsoft Power BI application, including sort, filter, and drill-down functionalities. Faculty will have the opportunity to explore detailed course data through the lens of their instructional goals and student feedback. The ITRS Learning Design Engineer will assist faculty with interpreting the data and provide strategies for leveraging the results to improve future courses. After completing the initial consultation, faculty will have ongoing access to their LAR, and new courses will automatically be added to the LAR after each academic term closes. Follow-up consultations to reflect on course design revision and student learning outcomes are encouraged. 

Schedule a 30-minute Learning Analytics Report session using the ITRS Consultations booking page. Select Learning Analytics, then choose initial or follow-up consultation. 

Get Involved

Join ITRS for an informational session or reading group. Registration is required. Reading group text selection TBD; registrants will receive an email with additional information.

Overview of Learning Analytics at Loyola (30 minutes)

A 30-minute overview of Learning Analytics at Loyola with optional Q & A at the end. Informal: Feel free to eat or drink during our meeting.

Thursday, March 2, 2023 at 12:00pm CT
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Learning Analytics @ LUC Reading Group (75 minutes)

A 60-minute discussion of a selected peer-reviewed study or reading on learning analytics in higher education. Informal, brown bag lunch with optional engagement (listeners welcome).

Tuesday, February 21, 2023 at 11:00am CT
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For the latest updates regarding learning analytics at Loyola, please continue to visit this webpage, our Academic Tech Tips blog, and follow us on Twitter @LoyolaITRS.

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