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Applying for a Digital Media Services Position

Digital Media Services (DMS) is a fast-paced environment with many opportunities to learn different technologies, as well as interact with a number of different clients on a daily basis. DMS does not require Federal Work Study (FWS) as a requirement for employment; however, if offered a position and the candidate is eligible, FWS will be applied. Interested undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to apply following these steps:

Step 1 - Electronically Complete Your Application

Download and complete a copy of our our application as linked below for the associated Student Worker Positions. This requires a copy of your resume and a current class schedule. Cover letters are welcome but not required. In efforts to reduce paper waste, the application is available as an interactive PDF form, all sections may be completed and submitted electronically.

Step 2 - Submit Your Application Online

Email your complete application with inclusion of your resume and class schedule to SchedulesDMS@luc.edu with "Digital Media Services Application" as the subject. Once we have received your application and documents in full, we will reply in a timely manner detailing next steps. If we indicate we are not hiring at the time of your submission, we will retain your application and contact you for an interview if vacancies become available for up to one academic year. If you have any questions regarding positions available in Digital Media Services, please send an e-mail to SchedulesDMS@luc.edu . Thank you!

Student Worker Positions

The following student worker positions are available in Digital Media Services:

AY20-21 Digital Media Advisor application form.pdf

 The Digital Media Advisor position includes the following responsibilities:

  • (40%) Circulate Information Technology Services equipment in the Equipment Loan Program;
  • (30%) Daily monitoring and upkeep of multimedia computer lab locations, workstations, and printers;
  • (15%) Review and process poster print request orders, payment and order pickups;
  • (05%) Provide general support for clients including lab, printing, and equipment assistance/troubleshooting;
  • (05%) Conduct routine inventory management tasks and reviews of technology resources;
  • (05%) Assist with internal project, training, and administrative initiatives; and
  • Other duties as assigned by the Digital Media Services supervisory team.

Specific to COVID-19 and with health and safety of the utmost importance, please be aware of the following:

  • Digital Media Services will follow all health and safety guidelines and policies as instructed by the University;
  • This position includes on-site work and client interaction, there are no remote work opportunities at this time;
  • Service desks will have appropriate social distancing measures and steps to enable contactless equipment loan;
  • Cleaning of equipment and lab resources may be tasked during designated shifts, appropriate cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE) will be available;
  • Please be aware that scheduling after Thanksgiving, building open hours have yet to be confirmed and may result in fewer hours or a separate schedule for December/Winter Break based upon confirmed hours of operation; and
  • In the event on-campus facilities are required to close, this can result in services operating out of a single location and reduction in work hours.

Applicant Expectations

Our student workers are expected to be highly motivated individuals with strong communication skills (both written and verbal). Students that have been successful in our student worker roles have:

  • Strong customer service skills and the ability to effectively multitask in a professional environment;
  • Experience with digital media hardware (cameras, camcorders, audio equipment);
  • Experience in video editing, graphic design and Adobe/Apple products; and 
  • Previous experience working in a technical and/or leadership roles.

In addition to position responsibilities, all Digital Media student workers are expected to:

  • Maintain a minimum of 10.0hrs/week on a permanent basis; with at least two shifts that meet requirements based on opening/closing, weekend, or WTC shifts;
  • Provide customer service and support regarding digital media and other technologies in line with the University (Maroon & Gold Standards of Excellence), Division, Area and Unit customer service standards;
  • Communicate effectively and appropriately with students, faculty and staff, both verbally and in writing;
  • Solve practical problems and address a variety of situations that may arise in working with a diverse set of technologies using available resources;
  • Troubleshoot and find resolutions to multimedia, software and equipment issues; and
  • Adhere to and follow confidentiality agreements and standards for handling information and data.
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