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Last Modified:   Thu, January 19, 2023 10:30 AM CST

Quick Start Guide

1. Navigate to the Applications folder in the toolbar. Select the Audacity icon.
2. Audacity will ask for permission to use the microphone. Select OK.
3. Check your input and output settings by viewing the dropdown menus, just above your audio window. From left to right, your settings should read:
  • Core Audio
  • Universal Audio Thunderbolt
  • 2 (Stereo) Recording
  • Universal Audio Thunderbolt


4. You can adjust the volume of your microphone and headphones by adjusting the volume settings, found at the top center of the window. You can also watch your mic levels while you record by viewing the recording monitor, just above the volume controls.

5. When you feel comfortable, record a brief, 10-second test run. Remember to speak closely to the microphone. Whne you are finished, click the stop button. Rewind and listen back to your recording and make sure you're ready to start your project.
6. Should you need further assistance, you can find tutorials and tips by selecting Help and then Quick Help.