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Instructional Technology & Research Support (ITRS) offers 4-week courses delivered online and taught by our highly experienced instructional support team. Courses are designed to provide opportunities for engagement with the instructors, other course participants, and Loyola's core instructional technologies. A weekly synchronous meeting is an integral component of each course. Courses are open to all Loyola faculty and staff, and participants can earn a Letter of Completion. These courses also complement the Online Teachining Courses, Design and Facilitate which are offered by the Office of Online Learning (OOL).

Instructional Technologies Course (ITC)

The ITC is an introductory course designed for faculty, but can also be taken by staff. The primary focus is Loyola's learning management system, Sakai. Each week, participants will explore native tools in Sakai, the integrations Zoom and VoiceThread, along with best practices for developing optimal online learning activities. The weekly time commitment is less than 10 hours, including participation in two 45-minute online synchronous sessions throughout the duration of the course. At the end of the 4-week period, participants will have created a Sakai template that can be used in future courses.

Next offering: January 10 - February 4, 2022 (course site opens on January 3rd)

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Advanced Instructional Technologies Course (AITC)

The AITC is an upper-level course designed for faculty, but can also be taken by staff. It provides an opportunity to investigate advanced features of Loyola’s instructional technologies, including Zoom, Panopto, VoiceThread, Respondus LockDown Browser, Turnitin, and more. The course is grounded in a series of guiding questions prompting participants to consider how they might use instructional technologies to increase student engagement and interaction, promote academic integrity, and apply insights gleaned from learning analytics to inform future course design. The weekly time commitment is approximately eight hours, including participation in two 45-minute online synchronous sessions. Prior completion of the ITC or moderate comfort with Sakai is highly recommended. 

Next offering: February 14 - March 11, 2022 (course site opens on February 7th)

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