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Verifying the correct barcode or computer name

While there is usually a barcode sticker attached to your machine, there is a chance it may not match up with the barcode identified in our system. To check a machine's barcode, go to "My Computer" (Windows 7) or right-click on the Start menu and select "System" (Windows 10).  The resulting window will have the barcode displayed in a field labeled "Computer name" or "Device name".

Error Message: "This File No Longer Exists"

If you this error message when you try to shred matches, click “Yes”. Those matches will disappear in the result window. This error message appears when the listed files were already deleted during a previous remediation.

Error Message: "Spirion is already running"

If you receive this message and are unable to open the program, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, click "Task Manager", and close all Spirion-related processes.

Error Message: "A valid license is required to continue"

If you receive this message and are unable to open the program, please contact the ITS Help Desk.

Do users need to remain logged into their machines during the entire scan period?

After you get your get pop-up result window or automatically saved .idf results file, you no longer need to remain logged in.

Do we scan cloud storage?

If files are synced to your local machine (e.g. via the OneDrive client), they will be scanned as these are kept on the local drive under the individual's profile. We especially want to scan these files as it is against policy to keep PII in the cloud.

False positive matches:

The client can choose to "Shred" or "Ignore" false positive matches. You can also choose to have the Ignore action for a particular match remembered for future scans.

Why is your machine on the "Not scanned" or "Remediation Open" list when your machine has been scanned and you have finished remediation?

Result upload issues occasionally occur for a variety of reasons, and your area's Data Steward will follow up.

How to gather data and how to enable verbose logging:

If a difficult issue is encountered, you may be requested to gather data for further investigation. In that case, it may be helpful to refer to the following pages from the vendor's documentation:

Related Policies:

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