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Printing From Your Laptop

Please consider the environment before printing.
To learn more about reducing our printing footprint, visit our Sustainability page.

Printing from your Laptop or Mobile Device


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  1. Login to Outlook and compose an email from your @luc.edu email account. Non-Loyola email addresses will not work with MobilePrint.
  2. Compose a New mail and attach the document you wish to print. Subject and Message Body text is not required. Supported file types include PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, image and text (.csv, .rtf, .txt).
  3. To print in Black & White, send the email to MobilePrint@luc.edu. To print in Color, send the email to MobilePrintColor@luc.edu.
  4. Shortly after sending your email, you will receive a confirmation response indicating your documents are ready to be released from any MobilePrint enabled printers.
  5. Locate the nearest lab printer and Swipe your Loyola ID card at the touchscreen release station. This will display all of your print jobs waiting to be printed by file name.
  6. Select your print job(s), then press the Print button on the touchscreen to release them from the printer.

With MobilePrint, only your print jobs will be displayed. Your @luc.edu email and username information is passed along to the printers automatically.

You may also Print via File Upload to MobilePrint. Click here for more instructions.

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