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Multi-Factor Authentication


Information Technology Services now offers Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) services to protect your LUC account.

Multi-factor authentication is a security protocol that requires you to use more than one authentication mechanism (known as “authentication factors”) to verify your identity at login.

The following authentication methods are supported to complement usernames and passwords:

  • SMS Text Message
  • Physical Token
  • Mobile Device Application
  • Phone Call


One of the biggest benefits of MFA is that it will strengthen information security at the University through the use of advanced security options to help prevent user accounts from being compromised.

In addition, compliance standards are continually changing as technology and the threat environment evolves. As IT security moves in the direction of multi-factor authentication, it is likely that more standards will ultimately require it.

Getting Started

See our Quick Guide for how to get started using MFA.


Starting in May 2019, all Loyola Secure Access users will be able to use MFA with LSA.

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